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“Voice of Small Business” with Bill Flannery

Hear from CSW’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Bill Flannery, in the latest installment of the Lansing Regional Chambers “Voice of Small Business” campaign.

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The Power of Teamwork Overcomes COVID-19 Challenges

Check out page 12 of the latest Lansing Regional Chamber FOCUS magazine to find out how CSW has used Teamwork to overcome challenges of Covid-19!

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Greater Lansing Champions Women Leaders

See comments from CSW’s Owner/President Kelly Preston, in the latest issue of “517” magazine, on what it is like to be considered one of the “Great Lansing Champion and Women Leaders”

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Steel FAQs

Steel is one of the most widely manufactured and most commonly used materials in human history. However, most of us do not know much about steel. How it is made, the composition of steel, and its properties. We’ve answered the internet’s most commonly asked questions about steel. Is steel an element? No, steel is a […]

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Different Types of Steel

Steel is an alloy made from iron and carbon. There are several distinct grades of steel that have unique chemical compositions based on the different amounts of carbon and added alloys. When determining the type of steel that you want to buy, it is important to know there are four different types of steel that […]

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Ele’s Place

Capital Steel & wire is proud to be a sponsor of Ele’s Place in Lansing, Michigan, a center for grieving children and teens.  To learn more about Ele’s Place, visit their web site at  

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Manufacturing Day 2017

  Capital Steel & Wire, Inc. was proud to be one of several local area hosts for the 2017 Manufacturing Day℠ on Friday October 6th, 2107.  Area High Schools were able to bring students through the Capital Steel & Wire Mason, MI production facility to tour our Cold Drawing steel mill, Cold Saw department, Steel […]

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Is Steel Magnetic? Other Steel & Metal Magnetic Questions Answered

Magnets have been around for thousands of years, helping ships navigate oceans. Today, magnets are used for a wide variety of purposes, including microwaves, televisions, generators, motors, speaker systems and much more. There is some misunderstanding about what types of materials are magnetic – particularly steel. Is steel magnetic, can it be magnetized, or neither? […]

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Capital Steel & Wire Giving Back

Capital Steel & Wire, Inc donated $7,000 towards the arctic fox habitat expansion at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, MI. If you would like to read the full story please click here.

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Employee Appreciation Luncheon

Capital Steel & Wire hosted our employee appreciation luncheon at our Mason, MI facility on Tuesday November 22nd.  We can’t thank enough all the dedicated employees that work so hard for our customers every day!

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