12L14 Cold Drawn Bar

Capital Steel & Wire stocks 12L14 cold drawn steel bars in a variety of shapes. All of the our 12L14 bars can be cut to your desired length. Visit our inventory page to find out what 12L14 we currently have available. We stock 12L14 CD in the following shapes.

Cold drawn 12L14 bars are one of the most widely utilized grade of leaded, rephosphorized and resulfurized carbon steel. With its high ductility properties, 12L14 bars are great for machining applications. Bolts, joints, shafts, fastners, bushings and couplings are some of the applications for 12L14 cold bars.

12L14 Steel Chemical Properties

Carbon Max, % 0.15
Manganese 0.85-1.15
Phosphorus 0.04-0.09
Sulfur 0.26-0.35
Iron 97.91-98.7
Lead 0.15-0.35

12L14 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength 78 ksi
Yield Strength 60 ksi
Elongation in 2" 10%
Reduction of Area 35%
Brinnell Hardness 163

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