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  • We operate our own Cold Finishing Steel Mill.
  • We are Master Distributors of Carbon, Alloy, Stainless and Leaded steels.
  • We provide product shapes in Round, Hex, Squares, Round Corner Squares, Sharp Corner Squares, and Flat bar.
  • We supply finished products in conditions such as Drawn, Turned, Polished, Heat Treated, Blasted, and Hot Rolled products in diameter ranges from .025″ – 26.000″.
  • We currently operate 18 Cold Saws to produce Op 10 production saw cutting with precision tolerances for the most demanding of applications.
  • Our quality is driven throughout our organization starting with our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our ability to have our own Cold Drawing Mill has provided our customers with more competitive pricing, shorter lead times, and higher quality on their Cold Finished Steel bar products. Some of the benefits of Cold Drawing steel at room temperature include:

  • A smooth and more polished appearing and feeling exterior finish.
  • More accurate and precise dimensional tolerances
  • Increased Tensile and Yield strength
  • Is better for machinability

We can offer you certified Cold Heading quality, Recessed Head quality, Plating quality, as well as Black Annealed in either Wire form or straightened and cut to specific lengths.

Capital Steel & Wire’s state of the art production saw cutting processing facility houses multiple CNC cold saws capable of cutting steel to gram weight, precision lengths, or OP10 blank requirements. Our highly efficient production saw cutting facility ensures fast, consistent and reliable results.

Our standard Diameter ranges from 3/8” – 11” with larger sizes available upon request.

Heat treating steel can increase the amount of physical properties desired in the end product of the steel bar. Our facilities are capable of handling a variety of heat treating processes to meet the needs of your desired steel products. Those processes include:

  • Quench and Tempering
  • Stress Relieving
  • Normalizing
  • Annealing

Grinding steel bars provides the most precise diameter tolerances available. The process of grinding involves the steel bar sitting between two rotating cylinders with either a regulating wheel (in-feed grinding) or linear travel (through feed) of the bar along with a large abrasive grinding wheel.

Various processes of bar processing are offered by Capital Steel & Wire.

  • Shot Blasting
  • Cold Drawing
  • Turn and Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Turn Grind Polish
  • Precision Cold Saw Cutting operation
  • Thermal Treatment (including Quench & Tempering, Annealing)

We maintain a friendly, fair, professional, and open work environment, which cultivates and encourages new ideas, hard work, and delivery of a superior quality product. If you are interested in being a part of our team, hit the link below to apply!