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Capital Steel & Wire can supply cold drawn wire in several different grades, shapes, qualities, and surface finishes. We work with all carbon, alloy, and most stainless grades of steel. Finished cold drawn wire is typically supplied in round, hex, or square shape. It also can be cut to a specific length if needed.

As the nation’s leading supplier of most types of cold drawn wire, we can supply it quickly, in any quantity, and at a competitive price.


To start, steel is passed through a drawing die at room temperature. A gripping device pulls the undrawn steel coil through the die to increase the length, reduce the cross width, and form the steel into the desired shape. Multiple passes through a die are necessary to form the cold wire into the desired shape and with the properties.

Between each pass through the die, the wire will typically be annealed to increase the wire’s ductility and to alter the characteristics of the steel. The steel can be annealed before, during or following passes through the die — all depending on your end specifications.

  • More accurate dimensional tolerances
  • Increased mechanical properties (including elevated yield and tensile)
  • Improved surface finish which reduces machining time
  • Round X Coil .069″ – 1.718″
  • Hex X Coil .250″ – .437″
  • Square .250″ – .437″


Also known as bright (possibly) annealed wire, this finish looks bright, clean, and polished, making it ideal for a variety of applications including POP displays, wire forms, etc.


With a black exterior finish, black annealed cold drawn wire is also called burnt wire in the agriculture industry, and is made from carbon steel.


When a smooth, clean surface and bright finish is required, such as for electroplating, plating quality wire is what you want.

We stock the following qualities of cold drawn wire:

  • Mesh Quality
  • Industrial Quality
  • Drawing Quality
  • Cold Heading Quality
  • Cold Working
  • Aircraft Quality
  • Bearing Quality
  • SAIP (Spheroidize Annealed in Process)
    • Process Map
      Clean & Coat → Cold Draw → Spheroidize Anneal → Clean & Coat – Cold draw to final size
  • SAFS (Spheroidize Annealed at Finish Size)
    • Process Map
      Clean & Coat → Cold Draw – Spheroidize Anneal → Clean & Coat
  • Bright Basic (Direct Drawn Wire)
    • Process Map
      Clean & Coat → Cold Draw
  • DFAR (Drawn from Annealed Rod)
    • Process Map
      Clean & Coat → Spheroidize Anneal → Clean & Coat → Cold draw to final size
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