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How to Choose Anchor Bolts & Properly Secure Your Steel Project

Anchor bolts often don’t get the same fanfare as a steel structure’s more visible aspects, but they are absolutely essential to securing any structure. Anchor bolts serve the very important role of attaching a steel structure to concrete. Without anchor bolts, the rest of a structure could not exist. Because there are many different types […]

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Understanding Steel Grades & Finding the Best Option for Your Needs

Steel grades are essential in helping determine precisely the right steel for your application. Understanding the different types of steel (carbon, alloy, stainless and tool steels) and steel grades and applications may seem daunting at first — according to the World Steel Association, there are more than 3,500 varieties on the list of steel grades. […]

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Hot Rolled vs. Cold Rolled Steel: Understanding the Strength & Surface Condition

It’s easy to talk about how important steel is to our world. It’s used to build bridges and skyscrapers, cutlery and cookware, furniture, auto parts, and so much more. If we want to get especially self-aware, steel is used to make the very machines that process steel. Steel’s versatility is clear, but there is still […]

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Various steel products sitting upright. Text overlays, "The Impact of Alloy Composition on Steel Bars and Wires."
Understanding the Impact of Alloy Composition on Steel Bars and Wires

Among many other positive qualities, steel is versatile, durable, and 100% recyclable. A large reason for all of this is alloys. Depending on the composition of the alloy, manufacturers can adjust hardness, toughness, strength, ductility, conductivity, density, and more, as well as increase corrosion resistance. It’s a big topic, so we’ll start with an overview […]

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Several steel bars behind the text, "Tips for Storing and Handling Steel Bars & Wire in Your Warehouse."
Tips for Storing and Handling Steel Bar and Wire in Your Warehouse

The safe storage of steel bars and wire is essential in any warehouse for the most obvious reason—the safety of those working in the warehouse—but also for the efficiency of your company’s operations. When steel is stored safely and properly, it’s easier to track inventory and access the steel when you need it, keeping your […]

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A construction person bending down low, laying down steel material. "How Capital Steel Helps Manufacturers Achieve Sustainable Goals."
How Capital Steel Helps Manufacturers Achieve Sustainable Goals

One of the beautiful aspects of steel is how sustainable it is on its own as a material. Steel is 100% recyclable and, as such, can be repurposed into new steel and reused perpetually. Your old refrigerator could become your next car. Old buildings become new buildings, radio towers become bridges, and on and on. […]

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Steel FAQs

Steel is one of the most widely manufactured and most commonly used materials in human history. However, most of us do not know much about steel. How it is made, the composition of steel, and its properties. We’ve answered the internet’s most commonly asked questions about steel. Is steel an element? No, steel is a […]

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