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Along with being distributors of hot rolled steel bar and cold drawn steel, we like to produce interesting and useful sources of information for those involved in the steel industry. Here’s a list of some of the most updated and informative sources of news in the steel industry.

American Institute of Steel Construction – A United States non-profit trade association and technical instutute for the use of structural steel in the construction industry. They produce the AISC 360, a standard guide to components of steel building structures.

Steel On The Net – Providing steel news, steelmaking commodity prices, production reports and even a glossary, Steel on the Net is a great place to learn and be informed about the industry. – A publication created by the Association for Iron and Steel Technology that posts steel news articles on a daily basis. 

Steel Business Briefing – Owned by Platts and the McGraw Hill Companies, the Steel Business Briefing (SBB) provides daily and weekly steel news as well as other useful information such as conferences and events, training courses, forecasts and reports.

Business Week Steel Industry Section – Although not updated all that frequently, has a great list of articles usually from a variety of sources. Always a must read. 

Nerds of Steel – Steel industry blog covering a wide range of steel related topics. Maintained by First River Consulting, it gathers news stories from around the industry and provides them with interesting graphics.