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We’ve thus far concluded that steel is necessary in infrastructure, transportation, economics and efforts in sustainability.  It also plays a significant role in keeping the world healthy and disease-free, as well as attracting tourists to the most entertaining destinations on earth.  Here are reasons five and six to further explain steel as an irreplaceable ingredient in our lives.

1.      The world would experience a rampant plague


Our medical world is made sanitary by advances in technology and protocol as well as what tools are used.  Stainless steel has demonstrated success in areas where sanitation and ease of cleaning are necessary, as it is used in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other areas of public congregation, such as restaurants.  Stainless steel surpasses other metals in the industry due to its hygienic properties, corrosion resistance and strength.  Surgical steel is a prime example.  This type of steel is scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, as well as hard with a maintained cutting edge.  Such steel instruments are capable of standing up to harsh soaps and sterilizers, heat, pressure and heavy use.  Because stainless steel surgical instruments are scratch-resistant, the possibility that bacteria would inhabit a nick in the metal can be eliminated.  Without corrosion-resistant stainless steel surgical tools, it is possible that some unheard of bacteria would live in the tiny scratch of a scalpel and spread the next worldwide plague from patient to patient.  Well, maybe only on Grey’s Anatomy—but still, sanitation would be far more difficult without stainless steel.

2.      Disney World would suck


According to Forbes Traveler, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the most-visited amusement park in the world, with over 17,063,000 visitors yearly.  The heart of Disney World, the Magic Kingdom is home to one of the most-recognized steel structures worldwide—Cinderella’s Castle.  The centerpiece of the Magic Kingdom stands at more than 185 feet tall and was constructed using steel frames.  In addition to this Disney World staple, Epcot is also home to one of the most recognizable structures of the resort—Spaceship Earth.  This 18-story geodesic dome stands tall thanks to its interior steel structure of a massive table, deep trusses and six steel legs.  Without steel, Disney World would not be home to such amazing pieces of architecture—or most of its thrilling rides and attractions, and more than 20 million people would miss out on the vacation of a lifetime.

Disney World isn’t the only world-famous attraction made possible by steel.  According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, France has been the most-visited country for over four years, having up to 80 million visitors in a single year.   It comes as no surprise then, that the Eifel Tower of Paris, France is such a popular tourist destination.  The Eifel Tower is 1,063 feet of fantastic, romantic, French steel, inspiring millions of Paris-goers per year.   It’s not a long shot then, to assume that Paris would not be what it is without this massive tower of steel.

So many aspects of our daily lives would not be the same without steel.  Imagine the terror of walking to Disney World with an uncontrollable epidemic, climbing landfills on your way, only to realize that Cinderella’s Castle is made of sand and there aren’t any cool rides.  That is just one of many reasons that exist to illuminate the vitality of steel in this world.  Without steel, the planet wouldn’t necessarily crumble in an instant, but life would certainly take a turn for the worse.