Cold Drawn Wire

Our ISO 9001 certified facilities allows us to produce cold drawn steel wire at the highest quality. We offer a variety of types and qualities of cold drawn steel wire that can be customized to meet your individual needs. For questions or to get a quote please contact one of our team members.


We can customize your order by offering Cold Heading Quality Bright Basic, Black Annealed, and Plating Quality Wire.

Types of Cold Drawn Steel Wire


During the process of making cold drawn steel wire, steel is passed through a drawing die at room temperature. A gripping device pulls the undrawn steel coil through the die to increase the length, reduce the cross width, and form the steel into the desired shape. Multiple passes through a die are necessary to shape the cold wire into the desired shape and properties.

Between each pass through the die, the wire will typically be annealed to increase the wire's ductility and to alter the characteristics of the steel. The steel can be annealed before, during or following passes through the die - all depending on the end specifications of the steel wire.

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Capital Steel & Wire is ISO 9001 Certified!