Cold Drawn Bar

As the nation’s newest cold drawn bar mill, Capital Steel & Wire has the capabilities to produce a cold drawn bar from .187” – 6” in diameter.

Types of Cold Finished Steel Bar

  • Round X Cut Length
  • Squares & Hex
  • Flat Bar

Steel bars that go through a cold drawing process are passed through a die at room temperature to reduce the length of the steel, to reduce the cross-sectional area of the steel bar, and shape the steel bar into the desired end shape and dimensions. Many different products are created using cold drawn bar products, including automotive motor parts and machining products. We can also cut the bars to your desired length with our saw cutting capabilities. Capital Steel & Wire offers cold drawn bar products in the following grades among others.

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Drawing steel at room temperature has some added benefits, including:

  • A smoother and more polished appearing exterior finish.
  • Having more accurate and precise dimensions.
  • Increased tensile and yield strength.
  • Better machinability.

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