Resulfurized Steel

Capital Steel is a leading supplier of resulfurized steel bar and wire products for a variety of end applications. Resulfurized steel bars have a chemical makeup of Carbon, Maganese, Phosphorus, and Sulfur. Sulfur being the added element to the carbon steel.

When reviewing AISI/SAE steel grades, a grade of steel is a resulfurized carbon steel if the the first two digits are 11. For example, 1117 is a resulfurized carbon steel because the first digit is "1", indicating that it is a carbon steel, and the second digit is 1, indicating that it is resulfurized.

Capital Steel produces many different resulfurized steel bar grades in both a hot rolled and cold drawn finish. Below is a selection of some of our resulfurized steel options.

Hot Rolled

Cold Drawn

Looking for something specific? We're here to help you get the exact steel bar product that you need. Inquire about our resulfuized bar grades, sizes, and shapes by contacting us here.