Semi-Finished Steel Billet

Capital Steel & Wire can supply semi-finished steel billets to any grade and sizes of 5x5 inches to 10x13 inches. Semi-finished steel billets can be reshaped into a desired shape and dimension by rolling and drawing to make a variety of different long steel products. Some products include wire rod and bar stock, which Capital Steel is capable of supplying. While steel billets are quite similar to blooms, the main difference is the square cross-section of a steel billet is smaller than a bloom.

Our steel billets of 5x5 inches up to 10x13 inches are semi-finished, and require additional rolling or drawing to form the desired wire or bar products. Some of the many practical end uses of steel billet include reinforcing bars in concrete, producing automotive parts, and creating a variety of reinforcing bars used for construction purposes.

Steel Billet Quality You Can Count On

  • Sizes: 5” x 5”  to 10” x 13”.
  • Billets can be cut into desired lengths.
  • Any grade of steel billets are available.

With seven warehouse locations spread across the United States, we are capable of supplying all of your businesses' steel needs. To learn more about our steel billet products, use the contact form to your right and a Capital Steel & Wire representative will get back to you shortly.