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Metal Working Resources

Here is a hodge-podge collection of helpful metal working links, organized by resources, related associations, and companies that in some way contribute to the well being of the industry.  We hope you find the resources useful; we certainly do! If you know of something valuable we are missing, just let us know. Also, if you are interested in our steel bar or hot rolled steel products, feel free to contact us.

University Steel Bridge Clubs

We appreciate the contributions that civil engineers make to the steel industry.  There would be little demand for our products such as steel bars and cold drawn steel wire without advances in civil engineering.  That is why we look to the young and bright student engineers for inspiration.  We noticed that many university engineering students partake in Steel Bridge Competitions, and we wanted to recognize and complement their efforts.

Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled and Cold Drawn Steel - a Quick Guide

In the production of steel products, steel is molded and reshaped with different machinery at different temperatures.  One of the steel manufacturing processes is steel rolling, which involves metal stock passing through a pair of rolls.  Rolling produces flat steel sheets of a specific thickness, and the process is classified according to the temperature at which the metal is rolled.

The Effects of Natural Disasters on Today’s Steel Industry

Natural disasters have horrific and devastating effects. They can tear apart homes, our places of employment, schools; all while ripping holes in families, communities and our most cherished memories. No matter when or where a natural disaster has occurred, the destruction can be felt as if it happened yesterday. With the various natural disasters that have recently occurred around the world, it is heartbreaking to think of all the people who have been affected.

Six reasons civilization would collapse without steel: Part 3

We’ve thus far concluded that steel is necessary in infrastructure, transportation, economics and efforts in sustainability.  It also plays a significant role in keeping the world healthy and disease-free, as well as attracting tourists to the most entertaining destinations on earth.  Here are reasons five and six to further explain steel as an irreplaceable ingredient in our lives.

1.      The world would experience a rampant plague


Six reasons civilization would collapse without steel

What would it take for civilization on Earth to collapse in an instant?  A nuclear explosion?  A raging and incurable worldwide epidemic?  A surprise black hole capable of swallowing the sun?  Possibly.  Yet, what if something seemingly less catastrophic forced civilization to an end?  What if steel became nonexistent?  The effects wouldn’t seem to be as cataclysmic as the disappearance of the sun; still, we would suffer devastating corollaries if steel was absent from our planet.  Civilization would collapse—and not just literally.