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Metal Detecting Resources & Directory

Metal detecting is one of the most popular (and profitable) hobbies in the world, and millions have been made from those lucky enough to uncover lost and forgotten valuables with the help of metal detectors. It’s easy to see why treasure hunting is such a popular hobby; it’s a great way to get exercise, it is proven to help relieve stress, and it’s a great way to learn more about your local history.

Spectacular Steel: Our Top Ten Steel Sculpture Websites

At Capital Steel, we appreciate seeing steel put to good use. The ability to transform steel into an aesthetically appeasing steel sculpture is something we marvel at and admire, and we would like to acknowledge the fascinating works of some of the world’s best steel sculpting artists. We scoured the internet searching for as many steel sculpting websites as possible and somehow managed to pick a top ten list of our favorite steel sculpting websites. Show these artists the appreciation they deserve by taking a look at some of their awesome artwork.

Steel Industry News Sources

Along with being distributors of hot rolled steel bar and cold drawn steel, we like to produce interesting and useful sources of information for those involved in the steel industry. Here's a list of some of the most updated and informative sources of news in the steel industry.

American Institute of Steel Construction - A United States non-profit trade association and technical instutute for the use of structural steel in the construction industry. They produce the AISC 360, a standard guide to components of steel building structures.

Steel Recycling

Being manufacturers of wire rod, hot rolled steel and other steel products in the steel industry, Capital Steel understands the huge impact steel recycling has on our economy and the environment.  Not only does steel recycling help preserve the Earth’s natural resources, it is valuable for individuals and businesses alike. We’ve put together a collection of steel recycling resources so you can learn the benefits steel recycling has on the environment, and all the ways it helps our economy and save businesses money.