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The Best Steel Making Videos On The Web

The steel making process is unlike anything else. Lots of heat, large and heavy machinery, and huge amounts of energy and effort are involved to make the most widely used metal on the planet. Centuries of refinement and technological advances have allowed for new steels to be produced in large quantities to meet new needs. To further your education on the steel manufacturing process and to learn a bit more of the history of steel making, we've compiled a few of our favorite steel making videos for you to enjoy thanks to the magic of Youtube.


Why Does Steel Rust? Plus Other Steel Rusting Questions Answered

Rusting SteelDespite being one of the most common and useful materials manufactured materials in the world, steel has always had one major flaw. It rusts. We often see the dark brown or red color and flaky material on old bridges, old buildings, and on steel that has just been left out in the open for too long.  Steel isn’t the only metal however that rusts. Just take a look at any pennies you have laying around, any silverware you have, or pictures of the Statue of Liberty. Zinc, nickel, copper and aluminum and many more metals are also subject to the corrosion chemical reaction. Why steel rusts in the first place, why some steel rusts and not others, and why steel doesn’t rust in certain situations makes for an interesting topic.

Steel - How It’s Made Video

We often find that visual learning goes a lot farther than trying to explain something in words or writing. We also know that How It’s Made from the Science Channel does a great job at explaining, well, how things are made. That’s why we’ve provided their short episode on a condensed summary of how steel is often made from start to finish.

Steel Guitar Questions

With the all the great knowledge and experience in the steel guitar community, we thought it would be great to ask a few experts their opinions on a few common questions people might have who are interested in picking up the steel guitar. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Here's the questions they answered:

Capital Steel & Wire Wins CORG Award

On November 1st, Capital Steel & Wire received a Celebration of Regional Growth (CORG) Award at the 7th annual Celebration of Regional Growth Awards luncheon at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center. We are quite honored to be listed with over 40 businesses that have contributed more than $1.5 billion in economic development to the Lansing area, and we owe our success to our terrific staff that has helped get us to where we are today.