Hot Rolled Wire Rod

Capital Steel & Wire specializes in both domestic and imported wire rods. We can supply our hot rolled wire rods can be customized to meet your individual needs. For questions or to get a quote please use the form on the right to contact one of our team members.


We stock Mesh Quality, Industrial Quality, Drawing Quality, and Cold Heading Quality. See our Processing Page for our descale and annealing capabilities.

Hot Rolled Rod Types

  • Rounds X Coil
    • .218" - 2"
  • Capital Steel and Wire stocks
    • Mesh Quality
    • Industrial Quality
    • Drawing Quality
    • Cold Heading Quality

About Hot Rolled Wire

All hot rolled steel products are formed and shaped into their desired shapes while hot so they can be easily and cost effectively shaped. While hot, steel billets are sent to a rolling mill and rolled into the desired wire rod shape in rod coils. The coils are compressed and packaged, making them easy to transport and ship.

Because hot rolled wire can be made to many sizes, lenghts and characteristics, it has many practical uses. Some uses include being used to make bridges, automobile parts, machinery, wire ropes, and for a variety of construction purposes.

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