Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Bar

Here at Capital Steel & Wire Inc. our ISO 9001 certified facilities allow us to produce hot rolled steel bars at the highest standards. We offer a variety of types of hot rolled bar and stock special bar quality including forging quality, cold working quality, and merchant bar quality steel to meet all of your individual hot rolled steel bar needs.


Hot rolled steel has several noticeable characteristics

  • It is rolled at high temperatures, allowing it to be more malleable so it can be rolled into a variety of different shapes.
  • Hot rolled steel has less precise dimensions than cold rolled steel, and it has looser tolerances.
  • Cost is a big advantage for hot rolled steel, as it is less expensive to manufacture and the savings get passed along to the customer.

If you are interested in learning more about our hot rolling capabilities, use the contact form on the right to reach out to us, and a Capital Steel & Wire representative will get back to you shortly.